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With a circulation of 5,000 copies every Wednesday during the academic year, has served the Vanderbilt Community since 1888. The paper is a member of Associated Collegiate Press, College Newspaper Business and Advertising Managers, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, Southern University Newspapers and the Southeast Journalism Conference. The paper also received the National Pacemaker Award in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 and was named 2004 Best Newspaper of the South at the annual Southeast Journalism Conference. The Vanderbilt Hustler reaches the students of Vanderbilt University in addition to the numerous faculty, staff, alumni and community members that live in Nashville and the surrounding area. The paper is divided into five distinct sections: News, Life, Opinion, Sports and the Comics & Crossword page. Advertising in The Vanderbilt Hustler, the University’s multiple award-winning student newspaper, is a highly cost-effective and convenient way to reach the Vanderbilt Community.

Vanderbilt Student Media’s Online Community, On line advertising has exploded in popularity in recent years. More and more savvy advertisers are finding that online advertising is a very cost-effective medium. serves as the home page for our expanded multi media offering. In its first year of publishing, was named 2007, 2008, & 2009 Best College Website in the Best of the South competition at the annual Southeast Journalism Conference.


- Distributed on Jan. 6 in every campus mailbox

- The only non-mailed commercial advertising allowed to be placed in campus mailboxes

- printed as an 8.5” x 8.5” magazine with advertising coupons and specials

- 7,500 copies

Vanderbilt University
2301 Vanderbilt Place
VU Station B 351669
Nashville, TN 37235-1669

Assistant Director of Student Media and Director for Advertising

Local Account Office Fax


Both the Publisher (Vanderbilt Student Communications, Inc.) and the Advertiser mutually agree that Insertion Contracts shall be governed by the following conditions:

1. The parties expressly agree that Insertion Contracts shall be governed by and pursuant to Tennessee law. Further, the parties expressly consent that any disputes between them shall be resolved by and before the county or state courts sitting in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. In the event that any action at law, or otherwise, is brought by either party to resolve any dispute or to enforce the provisions of Insertion Contracts, the prevailing party shall recover from
the other party any and all costs incurred in the resolution process, including, but not limited to, attorney fees, court costs, and reasonably associated expenses.

2. It is agreed that all advertising orders are accepted subject to the terms, provisions, and rates of Vanderbilt Student Media Advertising Rate Card, Insertion Contracts and/or Credit Application. Only publication of an advertisement denotes acceptance of an advertisement. Renewal and/or termination of an Insertion Contract must be made in writing.

3. The Advertiser agrees to pay for such advertising in accordance with Insertion Contracts.
Unless pre-payment is required, the Advertiser shall make such payment to the office of the Publisher
on or before 30 days from the invoice date. Delinquent accounts will be charged a carrying/service
charge of 18 percent, per annum, compounded monthly until all sums are paid in full. The Advertiser
will be responsible for all costs of collection, to include reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs incurred
by the Publisher in the collection of advertising charges. The Publisher will apply a
Bad Check Provision ($25.00) for checks returned for insufficient funds. The Publisher reserves the right
to reject or refuse any advertisement in the event of a delinquent account and/or bad credit.

4. All new accounts will be required to apply for credit prior to ordering advertising and pre-pay for
advertising until credit is established.

5. If an advertising agency or media-buying service is a party to, or has participated in the negotiation
of an Insertion Contract, the Publisher and advertising agency agree that while said agency may be acting
for its client, it, hereby binds both itself and its client to the terms and conditions of the Insertion Contract,
including liability for payment to the Publisher.

6. All rates are net to Vanderbilt Student Communications, Inc.

7. The Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement. Advertisements that discriminate
on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, national origin or sexual preference will not be accepted.
Advertisements containing false or misleading statements will be rejected. Advertisements for products,
services, or promotions that are illegal in the state of Tennessee or that violate U.S. Postal Service regulations
will be rejected. The acceptance of all advertising is subject to the final approval of the Advertising Manager.
Late reservation space will be accepted at the discretion of the Advertising Manager.

8. Exact placement or page location may be requested, but is not guaranteed unless a premium price (i.e. back page) is paid.

9. The Publisher reserves the right to sell special promotion advertising packages that carry special rates.

10. The Advertiser hereby indemnifies and shall hold Vanderbilt Student Communications, Inc. ,
The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus, VTV and/or harmless from all claims, demands
and/or litigation directly or indirectly related to improper or unauthorized use of any photograph,
drawing, likeness, name, logo, trademark, representations or any other material provided by the
Advertiser to the Publisher and published in any advertising.

11. Advertisements resembling editorial material must be identified as “Paid Advertisement.”
All political advertising must be paid in advance and must be identified as “Paid Political Advertisements.”

12. Proofs are available upon request. Advertisers should give a minimum of one week notice before
ad copy deadline if a proof is needed. The Advertiser is responsible for contacting the Advertising Office
in order to make corrections or changes. Any changes, additions, or deletions to ordered advertisements
must be described in writing. The Publisher is not responsible for errors resulting from
changes made verbally or over the phone.

13. Compensation for errors made by the Publisher, if any, will be at the discretion of The Publisher and
be compensated for by the provision of additional advertising space only. No cash refunds will be made.
The Publisher’s liability for any error appearing in an advertisement is limited to the cost of the space
actually occupied. No allowance, however, will be granted for any error that does not materially
affect the value of the advertisement or any error contained in an ad that was proofed by the Advertiser.
To qualify for an adjustment, the error must be reported in writing within 15 days of the publication date,
and credit for errors is limited to the first insertion.

14. The Publisher assumes no liability for failure to publish an advertisement or for the financial loss of
business for failure to publish an advertisement.

15. Cancellation of advertisements must be made in writing and received prior to the advertising deadline.

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